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Zhaf guides review

Zhaf guides overview 

Zhaf guide is claimed to be one of the best swtor guides available.. and it actually is! This guide will help you master Star Wars: The Old Republic by providing detailed instructions on many aspects of the game. That includes leveling, PVP, PVE and other crucial sides of swtor. If you think you still have something to learn about the game, this guide is perfect for you.

Key features

Zhaf guide is probably the best guide currently in the market as it gives enormous ammounts of information about the game. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you will find this guide beneficial.
It is constantly updated to adjust to the changes of the game and include new content and strategies developed. Such updates are absolutely free for the members.
A complete refund is available within 60 days of the purchase. If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it and get back all the money you paid.
Price range from $27 to $47.

What is included?

Zhaf guide includes lots of information regarding every aspect of the game. Here is a list of guides you can get:
  • Beginners Guide - learn everything you need to know before starting playing
  • User Interface Guide - learn how to effectively customise UI
  • Game Mechanics Guide - learn game mechanics faster and gain starting advantage
  • Abilities & Skills Guide - learn what abilities and skills your class can use
  • Levelling Guide Features - learn the most optimised levelling path
  • Detailed Maps and Images - use comprehensive maps that cover all areas of swtor along with images and exact NPC locations
  • Galactic Trade Network - learn strategies how to effectively use Galactic Trade Network or GTN at any level
  • Crafting strategies - learn how to use crafting effectively to make lost of credits
  • Lvl 50 Credit Earning Quests - learn how to qualify and quicly complete daily quests
  • Crew Skills Guide - learn how to level any crew skill the fastest
  • All Eight Classes Covered - learn how to play each class effectively
  • Optimal Levelling Builds - learn optimal levelling paths and builds
  • Best PvP Builds - learn the best PVP builds
  • Ideal Flashpoint Builds - learn what builds to use for flashpoints

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do they charge a monthly fee?
A. No they do not charge a monthly fee. You pay only once and get access to everything in the package you purchased for life. They make sure to keep all their guides and info up-to-date and never charge you any hidden fees.
Q. Do I get free updates?
A. Yes, they keep their guides updated and when you become a member you get them completely free.
Q. Does this involve Hacks, cheats, buying credits or leveling services?
A. No. This guide uses only legitamate strategies to get an advantage over other players.
Q. How will I receive the product?
A. After you purchase Zhaf Guides you will gain instant access to the members area where you will be able to download the guides.
Q. Do they offer support for the guides?
A. Yes,they have 24/7 email support with a trained support team ready to help you with whatever you need.


"To be honest I was extremely sceptical at first. I thought there is no way game guides can be of any use - everything seems to be available on the internet for free! But to my surprise I was wrong. The point is, yeah you might be able to get all the information for free, however it will not be presented in such aclear way with examples and explanations, it will not be structured in a thoughtfull manner and it will not be presented all in one place. The argument that almost everything can be found on the internet for free applies to all the books and tutorials (maths for example), however their structure and presentation is what makes them useful. So don't be sceptical and try this guide - you will not be disappointed."
"Before I got Zhaf guides I was a total newby. I did not understand the game very vell, was leveling slowly and was unable to grasp it. Buy once I bought it, I started leveling incredibly fast - there is no comparison. Thus I managed to reach the top levels and got incredible amount of credits. This guide made the swtor a much more fun experience."
"Hey! This is definitely a product worth the money. It has been advertised as one of the best swtor leveling guides and it actually is. I've got clear and detailed instructions on how to level in the fastest way possible which I can reassure you work."

Friday, December 9, 2011

SWTOR Savior Guide Released That Shows Fastest Leveling Route Through Star Wars The Old Republic MMO & Best Builds

SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) MMO is nearly here and millions of players are looking for fast leveling tips and the best advanced class builds – Does SWTOR Savior hold the secrets?

Download SWTOR Saviour Now!

SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) is an upcoming MMO and is set to be one of the largest game launches of the year. With the number of gamers that have pre-ordered the game well above 2 million and over 700,000 taking part in the weekend beta, it looks set to rival World of Warcraft.
Set in a virtual “Star Wars” world with real locations from the movies and some familiar faces, gamers take control of their own character that will either fight for the Republic (Jedi) or for the Empire (Sith). The key to the game is to reach the level cap which is currently set at level 50.
Most gamers will give up way before they get close to the level cap if the game is anything like World of Warcraft due to the time it takes. Well there is a guide that has been getting a lot of attention and claims to help gamers level fast in the game.

SWTOR Savior has been launched and claims to have a complete leveling guide through the game for all classes. This means that gamers will have a complete blueprint to the game and if they want to ‘speed level’ this should help!

Also featuring an advanced class system that helps gamers build the ultimate character in game. Included in the guide is a credit manual which will tell gamers how to use the gathering and crafting skills while playing to get the best items fast.

Below is some of the main parts of the SWTOR Savior guide:

  • Leveling Guide From 1 to 50 For ALL Classes

  • Advanced Class Guide & Builds For All Classes

  • Skills Guide To Make Credits

While the guide is not essential or even needed to play the game, with early access for pre-orders going live on the 13th, this guide looks set to become very popular.
For more information go to: SWTOR Saviour Guide